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5 Practical Ways Businesses Can Leverage Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a progressive technology that enhances a user’s experience by integrating virtual elements into their vision without completely isolating them from their actual surroundings. With an AR-enabled smartphone/headset, you can transform the world around you into something more, albeit on a screen.

The AR market is estimated to rise to 215 billion USD by 2021. This would mean further participation of Augmented Reality in businesses across industries in the coming years.

Here we have listed down top five practical ways businesses are leveraging Augmented Reality

Immersive Customer Experiences 

One of the most difficult things to do for a brand is to keep the customers engaged yet it’s crucial for business. Increased engagement to more sales and a greater chance of being promoted by word-of-mouth.

Augmented Reality helps you increase customer engagement, especially if you have a mobile-based product or application.

Social media giant Facebook has been creating AR-based games for its messenger app.

Building Email Lists

Anyone who has ever built a business will tell you how important email lists are. However, building a relevant email list is not easy. It involves running campaigns, putting up ads, etc.

Augmented Reality helps you go the extra mile and add a sense of wonder or excitement in your campaigns. As customers get used to images, videos, and other visual imagery, bringing in a well-thought AR experience in a public place or with an app could go a long way. When the users register for the experience, you collect their email addresses to build your email list.

Reduce Return Rates for E-Commerce

With the rise of e-commerce, customer expectations are rising too. People want to be sure of what they are buying and not get caught up in return items.

At-home trials using Augmented Reality can effectively solve this problem. IKEA is doing an amazing job with its AR-enabled app, called IKEA space.

Augmented reality

Image Credits: IKEA

Educating Customers and Employees

When it comes to explaining a product’s usage or instructions, a user manual has always been standard. However, people hardly read these manuals.

That’s why brands came up with product tutorial videos, highly visual images, and infographics. However, these don’t work out in real-time.

With Augmented Reality, guided instructions can be introduced and they will be able to watch animations of the instructions and follow them simultaneously. In the below video, look at how AR helps these people operate the machine.

Improving Business Logistics

Logistics is an integral part of a business and needs to be well optimized for better results in production and delivery. Since it involves a lot of manual labor, huge inventories, and warehouses, there’s always a chance of errors.

Augmented Reality is helping improve the efficiency of business logistics by helping optimize warehousing, transportation, last-mile deliveries, and enhanced value-added services.

The following video represents how AR will make things easier for the logistics industry.

Quanvy is a technology company that helps businesses and individuals create immersive experiences using Augmented Reality. Kirigami, their flagship product, enables event planners and managers to visualize their event ideas and make informed decisions.

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